Designer of the Year

An award for designers and graphic artists. Judges will look at finished pages that demonstrate innovate and skilled design and layout.

Shortlist for 2017

Gary Beckwith

Newcastle Evening Chronicle
Happy 125th Birthday NUFC  Happy 125th Birthday NUFC
RAFA The First 12 Months  RAFA The First 12 Months
New Car Registration  New Car Registration

Simon Hill

Express & Star, Wolverhampton
Diana  Diana
Olly's never been better  Olly's never been better
A fistful of Alice  A fistful of Alice

David Lewins

Bristol Evening Post
Eating Out West  Eating Out West
A Salute to Charlie Sharples  A Salute to Charlie Sharples
It's Good to be Bad  It's Good to be Bad

Marianna Longo

Trinity Mirror Data Unit
Sexism at home...  Sexism at home...
Killing cancer...  Killing cancer...
Vanishing children...  Vanishing children...

Tracey Renowden

Western Morning News
Lose The Plot  Lose The Plot
Game of Cones  Game of Cones
Seas The Day  Seas The Day

Adam Walker

Trinity Mirror Regionals
Gender Divide  Gender Divide
The Other Premier League  The Other Premier League
Roald Dahl Day UGC project  Roald Dahl Day UGC project


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